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This is not what you think

- 30/04/2017 /

Wedding photography this is not! Too often, my christening clients say that my christening photos are better than their wedding photos. I am not sure why this is  – there is certainly less stress at christenings and it may be that forcing wedding couples to endure posed shots in an unfamiliar public place is an uncomfortable experience. These […]

A review of Balmoral Bathers Pavilion

- 31/03/2017 /
A review of Balmoral Bathers Pavilion from a photographer’s perspective Candid photos of a christening Candid and natural photos are wonderful, like this one taken of a little girl at Balmoral Bathers Pavilion during a christening function.   But naturally beautiful photos are elusive. I recently photographed a christening function at Balmoral Bathers Pavilion where a [...]

A review of St George Motor Boat Club

- 04/02/2017 /
A review of St George Motor Boat Club, Sans Souci Two years ago I photographed Justin’s christening for Maria and Buddy. Almost to the day, two years later I photographed the christening of Jade, Justin’s younger sister. The christening venue was  St George Motor Boat Club in Sans Souci. Often Christening venues have dingy light. St George Motor Club was [...]

A baptism at St Xavier Church, Lavendar Bay

- 09/08/2016 /

I was engaged to photograph Monte’s baptism at St Francis Xavier Church, Lavendar Bay. But what to photograph? All my christening packages include an album because as I photograph, I fill in the pages of the book in my head with wonderful shots. So initially I need a welcoming shot that also identifies the location. […]

Going back to give

- 01/03/2016 /

In 2009 I went to Suchana, a charity based in West Bengal, India. Suchana enriches the lives of school children who come from disadvantaged tribal villages with very few resources. When I was there in 2009 there were basic teaching elements such as a blackboard and sports equipment comprising simple soccer goals and not much else. At […]

Mother and son

- 22/11/2015 /
I wanted to photograph George and his mum but how? Two faces staring at the camera didn't appeal. Below is my solution. But I also wanted to photograph George's mum. I could have taken one shot like this.     But why not capture her love of life? Inspiration for this came from Philippe Halsman. [...]

A christening book

- 04/09/2015 /

The christening book I designed for Theo and Penny has arrived, just six weeks after the christening of their twins, Paige and Dean.                  

Is wedding photography overrated?

- 17/06/2015 /

Marc-Louis’ christening at George Antiochian Orthodox Church, Redfern. The christening was late in the afternoon and when I arrived at the church it  didn’t look promising. A 4pm start on a cloudy day in winter meant dull light. The church was less than beautiful – red brick and concrete, no soft sandstone as a background. Not even […]

A Christening at Le Sands Function Centre

- 06/01/2015 /

Many function centres have terrible light and cluttered backgrounds which means photos suffer. Le Sands’ function centre, at Brighton Le Sands is different. First, it has a balcony which overlooks the beach which makes it easy to go outside and photograph Justin having fun with his dad Buddy.     And his Godfather…. I could […]

The Lyons Family

- 26/11/2014 /

Six years ago I photographed Ben and Catherine’s wedding. Two years ago I photographed their first born, Harrison. Last week it was his sister’s turn, Miranda.