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A review of St George Motor Boat Club

- 04/02/2017 /
A review of St George Motor Boat Club, Sans Souci Two years ago I photographed Justin’s christening for Maria and Buddy. Almost to the day, two years later I photographed the christening of Jade, Justin’s younger sister. The christening venue was  St George Motor Boat Club in Sans Souci. Often Christening venues have dingy light. St George Motor Club was [...]

Is wedding photography overrated?

- 17/06/2015 /

Marc-Louis’ christening at George Antiochian Orthodox Church, Redfern. The christening was late in the afternoon and when I arrived at the church it  didn’t look promising. A 4pm start on a cloudy day in winter meant dull light. The church was less than beautiful – red brick and concrete, no soft sandstone as a background. Not even […]