From Penny Bistaros, a christening mum

Thank you John, for taking such beautiful photos of our son’s christening. Ever so discreetly, you managed to take amazing portraits not only of our children, but of just about every one of our guests! We will treasure these photos always! Thank you also for being such an obliging, easygoing, and prompt person to work with.
I was truly astounded that you emailed me the photo proofs two days after the christening and it was beyond my wildest expectations to receive the beautiful photo book in under a month! My only regret is that we didn’t find you sooner and you didn’t photograph our wedding and first son’s christening! Kindest regards, Maria.

“My only regret is that we didn’t find you sooner and you didn’t photograph our wedding and first son’s christening! ”

From Antonella Napoli Suteski, a christening mum

Hey John!
This is Antonella Suteski and I am just sending a message to thank you for capturing all our special moments at Talia’s christening.
We received the photos today and they are AMAZING! We are glad that those moments will be forever captured for our memories!

Again we cannot thank you enough for your role on her special day! With many kind regards and again many thanks, Setven, Antonella, Daniel and Talia!!

“We received the photos today and they are AMAZING! ”

Paddington wedding

From Emily Page, a bride

“John always works well ahead of time and he put effort into preparing for our event.
He met us months before the day to discuss what sort of photos we wanted. He listened to us, questioned our ideas and firmed up a plan for the day to be sure he captured all the elements that were important to us.
He is always looking for the best light, and to this end he even attended a service at our church and visited our reception venue – a wine bar – to understand the venues and the places where he could capture the most beautiful shots.
He put together a book according to our preferences, which we think shows beautiful images of our family and friends and captures that time in our lives.
I would recommend John to any couple or family wanting to capture moments from the day – not just how it looked but how it felt.”

“I would recommend John to any couple or family”

From Susie Mander, a bride

“John Slaytor was recommended to us by friends from England. We were looking for someone local with an eye for detail; someone with the ability to capture those special, candid moments at our wedding without needing to spend hours posing. John was perfect for the job. He moved effortlessly through the crowd, almost invisible, snapping away through the ceremony and reception. He caught everything – raucous laughter, a tear here, a toast there – the result being literally hundreds of gorgeous, natural images that we will cherish for ever. He has a real talent for capturing human emotion. We will be asking him to shoot all our life’s big events. Feel free to edit it or shorten it. Thanks so much John, it is all true. We are thrilled..

“He has a real talent for capturing human emotion..”

From Jane Brenner after a family portrait session

“John, we just want to thank you, not only for the stunning results, but for the whole experience. It is not easy to keep pre-teen and teenage boys focussed throughout a session, but, not only did the session fly past, but the results are amazing. It’s easy to take a snapshot but to breathe life and personality into it takes a professional. Your professionalism and patience paid off! Thank you for a wonderful keepsake. I can only highly recommend the experience.

“the results are amazing.”

Milsons Point christening function

From Penny, a christening mum

“Dear John Thank you with all my heart for these lovely, thoughtful, insightful photos. You were very discreet and respectful during the church service but still managed to capture so much in the little time we spent with you. We will definitely find occasion to see you again soon. Warmest and sincerest thanks Penny.

“We will definitely find occasion to see you again soon.”

From Kylie O'Reilly, a christening mum

“Thank you John for the stunning photographs! We love the moments that you captured of us and our guests at the christening. You brought out the joy of the occasion and recorded each of the kids personalities both in the church and party- Thank you! Dealing with you before, during and after the event was a pleasure and I know your creations- the book and DVD will be treasured forever. John, I will not hesitate to invite you back to record all of our key family gatherings..

“Dealing with you before, during and after the event was a pleasure”

Bride testimonial

From Catherine Allen, a bride

“I think you’ve done a fabulous job and wouldn’t hesitate recommending you to anyone looking for a photographer (unless, of course, they plan to arrive at their wedding/ event in a stretch hummer).

“I think you’ve done a fabulous job .”

From Catherine Lyons, a bride

“Thank you so much for giving us so many beautiful images of our wedding day! The photos are amazing and the album is so beautiful. I took it to work last week, and everyone commented on how beautiful the photos were- how they captured people in natural poses and that there were so many stunning photos of Ben and I. They also commented that the album really conveyed a picture of the whole day and what the day encompassed. I look forward to looking through the album in a year or so and reliving the whole day, as you have captured it so well. Thank you for all the effort and time you put into perfecting the photos- from removing clutter to highlight the important part of a photo, to the excellent toning and light effects you added, as well as making so many changes to background colours and effects. The borders and background colours really complement all the photos. It is lovely to have the album so quickly after the wedding. A few short months and I am able to take it and show people, before our wedding day becomes just a long distant memory. Both sets of parents really love their little albums as well. It was so easy for us to get that all arranged with you, and to have our thank you cards printed up with our favourite photo and ready to send out a week after we got back from our honeymoon was fantastic! The only problem I have is trying to choose which of your many beautiful photos I want printed on canvas to go on the walls!

“everyone commented on how beautiful the photos were.”

From Zoe Sabados, a christening mum

“We hired John to capture the christening of our third daughter Aria. As this was our last big family celebration the event and the photos had to be perfect. The brief we put to John was to capture the atmosphere of the day and to provide us with both set up shots of the family as well as candid shots of our family and friends throughout the day. What John presented us with a few days later exceeded my wildest expectations. From the first image of our daughter on the proof sheet I was blown away. It was every mother’s dream. He captured the true essence of all three of my daughters as well as the emotion of the day. His photos told a story, the story of our family and the life we have built with our family and friends. The candid portraits of our guests were stunning and flattering and the images of the children captured their pure joy. He took a series of shots of each person which resulted in the most stunning composite photos I have ever seen. Choosing the images for our album was both fun and enlightening. John has a keen eye for style and has a very creative approach to putting together an album. I found working with John to be a fun, calm and a very professional experience. He brings his own love of family to your event and captures people at the absolute best. John’s images are our most precious memories for our special day.

“What John presented us with a few days later exceeded my wildest expectations.”

From Angela Stoddart ,on my family photography

“I am stunned and have been gazing and gazing at your photos ?. Lots of them. The ones of K and co are so life like of them; it made me feel they were in the room here, or I was there?. And seeing them all at their best, most interesting, and most lovable?. I wonder how ever it can be done, to get so much depth of a person into a photo?

“I am stunned and have been gazing and gazing at your photos ”

From Madeline, a christening mum

A huge thank you to John for his professionalism and high quality service. He captured every moment perfectly for our son’s Christening. The photos were absolutely amazing and we were extremely satisfied overall.
Madeline and Steven

“A huge thank you to John for his professionalism and high quality service. ”

From Penny Papadopoulos, a christening mum

“Dear John,
Today we had the chance to view the images you took at my baby’s Christening. My husband and I were amazed at how stunning they were! You are an exceptional and highly skilled photographer! And after meeting you, a very respectful and kind person too, which is reflected also in your photography.
It was lovely having you capture our baby’s special day, and we are so happy to have found you! No doubt we would love to invite you again to photograph future family occasions!

I would like to ask a number of questions. Firstly, you asked me to pick 20 favourite photos out of the 249. I must say I find this quite impossible!!!!!”

“we are so happy to have found you ”